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Union Square Cafe

New American

4 hours, 21 minutes ago

New York, NY

Top Transport

Walking (142x)

23.0 hours · 71┬ámiles

Subway (8x)

155 minutes · 18┬ámiles

Running (4x)

86 minutes · 9┬ámiles

Driving (14x)

80 minutes · 20┬ámiles

Top Places

Event Space

37 visits to event spaces

Average 7.8 hrs
  • Gramercy House

15 visits to caf├ęs

Average 1.8 hrs
  • Daily Provisions
  • Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
  • Mudspot

7 visits to Mexican restaurants

Average 2.7 hrs
  • Taqueria Gramercy
  • Taqueria St. Marks
Gym / Fitness

6 visits to gym/fitness centers

Average 1 hour
  • Equinox Flatiron
  • Equinox Gramercy
  • Equinox East 74th Street
Tea Room

5 visits to tea rooms

Average 2.5 hrs
  • Cha Cha Matcha

5 visits to cocktail bars

Average 1.5 hrs
  • Dear Irving
  • Ampersand
  • Ghost Donkey
Coffee Shop

5 visits to coffee shops

Average 1.3 hrs
  • Three Seat Espresso & Barber
  • Think Coffee
  • Happy Bones
Hotel Bar

4 visits to hotel bars

Average 1.4 hrs
  • Mr. Purple

Recent cities

Recent Places

Gramercy House11 hours
Three Seat Espresso & Barber1.9 hrs
Xe Máy Sandwich Shop
Mudspot2.0 hrs
Gramercy House4.5 hrs
Union Square Cafe1.4 hrs
Gramercy House12 hours
MTA Subway - 23rd St (6)
Happy Bones
Cha Cha Matcha1.6 hrs
Roni-Sue's Chocolates
City CoPilot
Gramercy House8.2 hrs
Gramercy House10 hours
Daily Provisions2.5 hrs
Gramercy House6.0 hrs
Casa Mono1.6 hrs
Gramercy House3.0 hrs
Taqueria Gramercy10 hours
Irving Farm Coffee Roasters2.8 hrs
Gramercy House4.8 hrs
Equinox East 74th Street
THEP1.4 hrs
Cherokee Apartments at 517 East 77th Street
Gramercy House1.5 hrs
WALK1 hour
Gramercy House9.5 hrs
Everyman Espresso
Gramercy House
Cafe Colette1.6 hrs
The Soda Factory3.0 hrs
Brooklyn Boulders2.3 hrs
MTA Subway - Union St (R)
Taqueria Gramercy2.8 hrs
SUBWAY24 min
WALK18 min
Gramercy House9.6 hrs
Daily Provisions
Cha Cha Matcha1.8 hrs
Daily Provisions
Gramercy House10 hours
SUBWAY15 min
WALK12 min